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Routine House & Property Inspections in Perth

We have been voted Perth’s Leading and Best Property Inspection company.

Our inspection team, our systems and our attention to detail have
just blown the lid off conventional Inspection market thinking.

Why? Simply because we are regarded by our peers as the best “Inspectors” in the industry. And because we do all manner of inspections such as ingoing and outgoing Property Condition
, Routine Reports, Commercial Inspections, Bond Inspections,
Inventory Reports
and the list goes on.

Many industry leaders have said “there is only one company they would trust, and that’s Asset Focus”.

Property Managers – We Can Show You How To Make 50% More Profit, Without Even Raising A Sweat!

Now we can show you how each property manager can make an extra $50,000 per year for the principal, without even raising a sweat.

Most property managers manage 85 to 100 properties each year. We can show you how to manage even more and you won’t work harder and it will NOT cost you one cent extra. You’ll be even more efficient and you will be able to do the job even better than before.

We’ve already shown some of the property managers in town, how to take their department profits through the roof, and it has made their principals very happy. To adopt our system you will NOT need any extra staff. Our system is for the manager who wants to take their portfolio to the next level and lead the industry. We can show you how to get the jump on your competitors. Call us today and ask us to come and show you how we can make more money and your life easier in the process.

We Promise To Do Your Property Inspection Within 5 Days of Your Booking Or It’s FREE

We’ve been doing inspections for so long that we now have it down to a fine art. Our inspections come with our unique guarantee. Industry leaders use us exclusively because we pay attention to the detail. Too many property inspectors let the small stuff slip through the cracks. These slips result in costly mistakes and litigation with all parties. We prefer no litigation. Happy landlords, happy tenants and happy managers.

Perth’s biggest and smartest property management companies use us for good reason. Some jokingly say they won’t recommend us because they don’t want their competitors to know what their market advantage is. It’s Asset Focus.
The secret to an Asset Focus inspection is the “detail”. We are renowned for our detail. But that’s what saves you money and drama later. Our detail protects bonds and protects your property.

Landlords – We’ll Save You Time and Money In Inspections and Fees

STOP getting ripped off by paying fees on top of fees. We can now give you a flat rate annual deal on you rental inspections and we guarantee they will be the best you can get anywhere. Asset Focus has been doing rental property inspections longer than anyone else in this industry. We are the industry leaders because we innovate and stay ahead of the changes. We were dealing with the Department of Commerce long before the release of the new Rental Tenancy act changes, so that we were leading the industry when the changes came into effect. We had the new format on our system way before the release date.

We were the first to have our inspections available electronically, your inspection can be virtually sent to you over the internet from the site of your property as we’re leaving.

We are constantly setting new benchmarks and we’re already working on the next technical innovation that will again revolutionise inspections in late 2014 – combining clever innovation and latest technology with good old fashioned experience and industry know how, resulting in an avalanche extra profits for our clients!
Happy Property Inspection Manager

Tenants – We’ll Help Protect Your Bond And Your Rights – You Won’t Have To Rely On Your Word Against Theirs

Don’t let yourself get ripped off by arguing about whether some things were in good condition or not when the time comes for you to move out. We know what a pain it can be to properly check your Property Condition Report when you have just moved into your new home. You’re probably way too tired from moving in to pay proper attention to a very detailed report. And if you are then you’ll probably have an argument with the agent or landlord later when you move out, and you know how unpleasant this can be. We can take the hassle out of checking your report and we do it in detail.

We do these reports all day, every day for the agents and landlords, we know the where all traps and pitfalls are. Let us help you avoid them, because we’re independent, and this way you will have us on your side, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Carol B, PMCarol B, PM
Recently due to our excessive work load in the Property Management Department, we have engaged ASSET FOCUS to handle our Property Condition Reports. We have found the staff to be competent, trustworthy and punctual, giving a hundred and ten percent. The work that has been carried out has been to a high and professional standard and nothing is too much trouble for them. ... I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Rosemary C, PMRosemary C, PM
Rosemary C, PM "We've been dealing with ASSET FOCUS since they started as Realty Report Services. We have great admiration for their professionalism, promptness and expert delivery every time. We have developed a relationship that we look forward to nurturing even more with the growing requirements of this Company today and in the future. ASSET FOCUS has played an integral part towards our Property Management team."
Leah P, DirectorLeah P, Director
“I highly recommend the services of ASSET FOCUS. We have been using ASSET FOCUS for three years and during this time have found the team to be efficient, friendly and reliable. The reports that we required ASSET FOCUS to carry out were Property Condition Reports, Final Bond Inspections, Maintenance Inspection and Routine Inspections, these reports were always returned promptly and of a very high standard. I have no hesitations in recommending ASSET FOCUS and wish them all the very best for the future..”