Why Use Us

Asset Focus provide a third party unbiased inspection which provides the owner, managing agent
and tenant a factual view of the property’s condition.

inspected_approvalThe Benefits Of Using Asset Focus

Our services will provide your Agency with the follow outcomes:-

  1. Decrease your costs by reducing staffing requirements.
  2. Increase your profit by realising a sensible margin on our service.
  3. Provide consistently high quality reports prepared by our
    trained and police cleared inspection specialists.
  4. Reduce Property Manager’s stress and aid the retention of good staff.
  5. Allow Property Managers to focus on marketing properties, answering
    tenant queries and solving issues.
  6. Submit your reports within 5 days as specified under
    the Residential Tenancies Act.

If your Agency would benefit from any one of the above points, please contact us now to find how to get started.

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Our Values and Vision


Asset Focus strives to deliver the highest quality of service in Australia in producing property inspections to clients.


  • Honesty
    We are truthful at all times.
  • Respect
    We demonstrate respect for an individual’s views and beliefs.
  • Communication
    We display open and prompt communication to clients and staff.
  • Growth
    We are motivated to continually learn, improve and accept challenges.
  • Integrity
    We are proud of our decisions that are made for the right reasons and we are prepared to stand behind them.