Rent inspections for residential properties

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA), up to 4 rent inspection per year can be carried out on a property. These reports assist the lessor or property manager and the tenant to keep an accurate condition of the property throughout the duration of the rental agreement. To help achieve a favorable rent inspection report, it is imperative that the property be presented in a clean and tidy manner. We suggest that you follow this Routine Inspection Guide in preparation of your next rent inspection.

Rent inspection : Outside/Garden area

These are some of the points for the garden and outside area to consider just before your next routine inspection is due. A well maintained outside area will present favorably in a rent inspection report:

  • Weeds to be removed from lawn and garden beds
  • Lawns to be mowed
  • Verandahs, patios, garage, carport and driveway paving to be swept
  • Oils stains to be removed from the paving or concrete driveway (you should be using a drip tray if your car leaks oil anyway)
  • Weeds to be removed from paving
  • Cobwebs to be removed from eaves, carports and sheds
  • Where pets are kept on the property, all animal droppings to be removed
  • All rubbish to be removed
  • General pruning of bushes/trees


Rent inspection : Internal areas

For the internal areas, during a rent inspection the property inspector will be looking for general cleanliness and report any existing or new damage that were not included in previous routine inspections.


  • Carpets to be vacuumed, or if stained then professionally cleaned
  • All hard floors to be washed
  • Bathroom floor, vanity basin, bath and shower to be cleaned
  • Bathroom glass to be cleaned (shower screens, mirrors etc.)
  • Toilet (including seat and pedestal) to be cleaned
  • Windows to be cleaned.
  • Flyscreens to be dusted down
  • Dust window runners, sills, tracks and skirting boards
  • Oven, shelves, grill, drip trays and hot plates to be cleaned
  • Oven surrounds and control panel also to be cleaned
  • All kitchen bench tops and cupboards doors to be cleaned
  • Kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to be cleaned
  • Light fittings to be dusted, with insect spots washed off if necessary
  • Ceiling fan blades to be cleaned
  • Hand marks to be removed from walls, doors and around light fittings
  • Shower recess, walls and floors – soap scum removed

At any time, if the property is damaged or any maintenance is required, this should be reported to the lessor or the property manager as soon as possible and not wait until your next routine inspection.