Property Condition Reports, Routine Inspections, PCR Updates

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rent inspection
Rental Inspection

Routine inspections are sometimes referred to as ‘rental inspections’ and are carried out on tenanted properties up to 4 times a year in order to provide a regular report on the condition of the property during the term of the rental agreement.

property condition report (PCRs) Perth
PCR Property Condition Report

A property condition report or PCR is a comprehensive property report on the condition of a rental property which is undertaken prior to a new tenant moving in and again after that tenant moves out.

property condition report PCR update
PCR Update

A Property Condition Report update provides a fully completed comprehensive written report in the Department of Commerce (WA) approved format. The property is not physically inspected or photographed.

PCR photo reshoot

PCR Photo Reshoot

A Property Condition Report re-shoot provides new photos of all areas of the property. A Asset Focus consultant will attend the property and take the photos and compile them in the approved format.

PCR inventory report
PCR Inventory Update

A Property Condition Report inventory update involves the Asset Focus consultant taking an existing inventory report and reformatting in into the DOCEP approved format. The property is not visited.