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Property Management services including Property Condition Reports, Routine Inspections and Final Bond inspections. Trades and professional services for compliance checks, electrical and airconditioning maintenance.


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Asset Focus are the market leaders in delivering high quality services to the property industry, guaranteed to be delivered promptly.

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Asset Focus will take the hassle out of your property report obligations and provide you with a professional, fast and reliable service. Our efficient process provides you with detailed and accurate property reports whilst freeing up your Property Managers’ time.

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Our reputation for providing the best service in property condition reports and routine inspections is backed by our strong portfolio of leading real estate agencies.

Reports for Private Landlords

If you are a private landlord whose property is not listed with a real estate agency, we can provide you with DOCEP format approved professional and independent property condition reports.
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Property Investor Consultancy Service

We know the rental market and our experienced and passionate Property Consultant is available to meet with you to privately discuss, question and explore your property need.
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Rental Inspection

Routine inspections are sometimes referred to as ‘rental inspections’ and are carried out on tenanted properties up to 4 times a year in order to provide a regular report on the condition of the property during the term of the rental agreement.Routine Inspection Booking.

PCR Property Condition Report

A property condition report or PCR is a comprehensive property report on the condition of a rental property which is undertaken prior to a new tenant moving in and again after that tenant moves out.Order a Property Condition Report

PCR Update

A Property Condition Report update provides a fully completed comprehensive written report in the Department of Commerce (WA) approved format. The property is not physically inspected or photographed.Order PCR Update

Final Bond Inspection

The Final Bond inspection is required when the tenant vacates the property at the end of a lease. The Property Manager is required to inspect the property with the ingoing Property Condition report to ensure the property is returned to the owner in the same condition as when the tenant received the property.Order a Final Bond Inspection

PCR Inventory Update

A Property Condition Report inventory update involves the Asset Focus consultant taking an existing inventory report and reformatting in into the DOCEP approved format. The property is not visited. Order PCR Inventory Update

PCR Photo Reshoot

A Property Condition Report re-shoot provides new photos of all areas of the property. A Asset Focus consultant will attend the property and take the photos and compile them in the approved format.Book a PCR photo reshoot

Admin Assistant

If your staff go on leave or you are going through a busy time, you can book a short block of Administration Assistant hours with Asset Focus. You will receive the highest standard of casual staff in the industry who work to deliver the best results for your company. Book an Admin Assistant